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I’m so excited to introduce you to this little corner of the Internet, and to Chi Omega at the University of Kansas. Whether you are a potential new member, alumnae, parent, collegian or passing stranger, I hope this site allows you a glimpse into the sisterhood and integrity that serves as the foundation for everything we do as KU Chi Os.

The process of embracing university life or joining a close-knit community can be daunting. And while Chi Omega does provide a network of support to improve the collegiate experience, our aims as an organization extend so much further. We seek to foster growth: as individuals, as students and as leaders. We strive towards the betterment of our community, through our actions and through our service. We embrace members on the merit of character, not appearance or any other shallow metric.

My experience as a Chi O at KU has defied expectations. As a freshmen, I arrived with a arsenal of stereotypes about sororities and what it meant to go Greek. But over the course of my time at KU, the women of Chi Omega have ripped down every last one of those typecasts with their genuineness, diversity of spirit and unfailing friendship. But most importantly, Chi Omega has provided a home – both in the literal and figurative sense – that empowers me to be better. To attend that volunteer opportunity on a Saturday morning. To succeed, and occasionally, to embrace failure. To put down the study guide from time to time, and pick up the Chipotle. To laugh my way to rock-solid abs, to build lasting friendships, to maintain high standards.

To be womanly always, to be discouraged never.

Molly Norburg

Lambda Chapter President